The Book

Murder From Within

Lyndon Johnson’s Plot against President Kennedy

According to the late Fred T. Newcomb and Perry Adams, the problem of usurpation from within and illegitimate and bloody transfer of power is as old as political history itself. Betrayal from within from the leaders own inner circle dates all the way back to Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ. Centuries ago, several Roman emperors were killed by their own Pretorian guards, they add.

Written in 1974, Murder From Within will show what actually happened to President Kennedy, the consequences of his murder, and what action Americans can take to protect their institutions from further internal assault.

This plot, which involved only a handful of high officials and a few Secret Service Agents, called for President Kennedy to be maneuvered to Dallas and executed in public. His body was then forcibly removed from the control of the Dallas Coroner and flown to Washington, D.C., to a military hospital. There, autopsy findings were supervised to foil a later investigation and implicate a scapegoat.

The plot required a high probability of success. Therefore, it was self-contained: carefully recruited members of the Secret Service — the President’s guards — murdered him. The portability of a motorcade allowed the assassins to escape and the evidence to remain under their control.

With their obvious cover as guards, the Secret Service could ensure that the planning would result in the replacement of one chief executive with another who now had the power to cover the crime up.

The scapegoat for the crime was placed near the motorcade by being told to look for work at locations on one of two likely parade routes. Once he had a job, the motorcade was planned to pass in front of where he worked. In this way, it would appear that he had found his position by accident. To plan the route first and then place the scapegoat in position would raise serious questions in an investigation about his prior knowledge.

Seven years in the making, Murder From Within shows exactly and in detail how a small high level group within Kennedy’s own Cabinet betrayed him and killed him to benefit an ambitious Vice President determined to become President no matter what.

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Dean Rusk and the Cabinet Plane

The date of the assassination coincided with the third US-Japan Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs to meet in Tokyo on Nov. 25-2767. The Japanese Foreign Office announced it on Nov. 8.68 The trip was first announced in the United States on Aug. 26, 1963.69 This high-level conference meant that certain Cabinet officers would be absent from Washington, D.C.

On Nov. 22, 1963 more than half the Cabinet members were sealed in a single plane over the mid-Pacific on their way to japan, hours away from the capitol. This constituted “. . . more members of the United States Cabinet (6 out of a total of 10) than had ever joined together before in a single mission overseas.”70 One of the Cabinet members on the plane was the Secretary of the Treasury. The Secret Service is a division of the Treasury Dept. and under its direction. Had the Treasury Secretary been in Washington, D.C., he might have been able to obstruct the plot in its early stages.

When word first arrived on the plane of the shooting, members of the party sought to verify the news. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, ordered the Presidential press secretary, Pierre Salinger, to contact the White House situation room by code on the radiophone. According to Salinger, “Aboard every Presidential jet there is usually a White House code book. We searched for it for about five minutes, but as fate would have it71 there was none aboard this plane.”72

Rusk “. . . ordered the plane back to the US and . . . led the others (Cabinet members) . . . through a somber colloquy on the problems that Kennedy’s

successor would face. ‘There was absolutely no doubt who was in charge at that tragic moment,’ said one official who was there.”73

The cabinet plane turned around and headed back to Hawaii. “ Quoted from Chapter One Murder From Within.

Analysis of over 100 Coup’s worldwide by this book written by Edward Luttwak in the early 70’s shows that isolation from power of the leaders chosen Cabinet members is a common thread in Coup d’etat’s :