About the Author

About the Author

The authors approached this subject beginning in the 1960s from two different perspectives.

Fred T. Newcomb, a self-employed Advertising Art Director, had just completed his now famous study about how the notorious Oswald backyard photos were faked.

Perry Adams, political scientist and editor of Probe, an investigative newspaper, was looking for a solid story about the Kennedy assassination.

The two met and worked together on newspaper and magazine articles. Eventually they accumulated so much material and pursued two paths. First, as good citizens, they approached authorities with the data as a basis for a new investigation and prosecutions. They made the contents of this book available to Congress and law enforcement, but to no avail. Consequently, they pursued the second path: write a book for the public to bring this matter to a conclusion. Several offers were promising but fell flat from fear and controversy. The book was truly “too hot to handle”. The manuscript gathered dust.

Years later after Perry Adams had passed away and Fred Newcomb was ailing in a convalescent home in Los Angeles Fred’s son Tyler and daughter Valerie took it upon themselves to publish the book through this publisher AuthorHouse. This is their gift to their father and his late partner.